Coco the Cavapoo

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Coco joined our family three years ago and oh boy did we know it!! She was a cheeky pup who liked to chew a lot!! From skirting boards to carpets you name it she chewed it. Luckily with encouragement she grew out of it and she’s a joy.

From the minute I wake up in the mornings she is right by my side, she then runs upstairs to wake my girls up to get a morning cuddle from them.

She has lots of energy and loves to play fetch with her toys, she also gives you her paw and high five’s.

She loves family days out on long walks but she also loves movie days were we all cuddle up, she gets extra cuddles when it’s a doggy movie.

We also love the fact that she doesn’t molt so we never get covered in dog hair.

Coco loves it when we get home at night and always greets you with a happy bounce with her tail wagging. She plays with the children and sits for family story time before their bedtime, which I think she enjoys as much as the family. From then she knows its settle down time and is like my little hot water bottle on my knee for the rest of the night.

Coco is the most loving little dog and a perfect family pet.

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