Salem's Story

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A scrawny black cat kept stopping by at a gentleman’s home for food and somewhere warm to sleep. Little did the man know, this grateful and content kitty had a belly full of kittens.

Seven weeks later, an advertisement came up on the internet for the sale of six black kittens, so a phone call was made, and a visit was booked.

The first chubby kitten that came over for an investigation, was the one that would be picked to have a new home.

It was a tough decision on what name was to be given, as this would be shouted out the back door at teatime. After much thinking, the obvious choice was ‘Salem’, as my name is Sabrina , so it came hand in paw.

Likes and Dislikes

Salem is a fan of anything with feathers, whether it be a giant pigeon or his stuffed toy bird but after being fed on Eden kibble, he doesn’t hunt like he used to.(less pigeon feathers)

He loves adventuring outside and usually comes back home covered in cobwebs or bits of bushes.

Salem isn’t very food orientated, but even he cannot keep away when a tin of tuna is opened.

There aren’t really any dislikes of Salem’s, as he seems to be a very content kitty that loves to snuggle.

Health Care and Feeding

As Salem is an outdoor cat, it is so important to keep him up to date with flea and tick treatments as he loves to adventure where the creepy crawlies roam. His collar also needs to be quick release just incase he gets stuck in a bush.

His diet is mainly kibble with some wet food added as a treat.

Salem is a very low maintenance kitty that requires minimal grooming and fussing on demand.

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